If you are on campus and need IT support, visit the library and learning centre. The friendly library and learning centre staff can help solve a range of issues including login and access issues, and connecting to wi-fi. 

If you are off campus, contact the IT Service Desk on (03) 9212 5444 or visit the Service Portal

Alternatively, you can check out the Library and Learning Centre website's IT help page. The IT help page has a range of how-to videos to assist you with your IT needs.

Current student password reset

If you have previously set up your account but require a password reset, you will need to access Microsoft’s password reset tool.

Visit Microsoft website to reset your password. 

New student username and password

The first time you log in, set up your contact information. This includes a mobile phone number and personal email address, which you will need to refer to later when you need to reset your password.

To set up, go to portal.office.com and log in using your unique username and information in your welcome email to create your account.

If you need help with the set up and activation of your account you can view the Setting up and accessing your student emails video guide.

Office 365

Access Email and Office 365.


While you’re on campus, you can access Chisholm’s wi-fi network on your electronic devices for free.

For help connecting your laptop or device view the user guide (login required to view) or visit a library and learning centre.

Printing and copying

To print or copy on campus you will need to add funds to your PaperCut MF printing account via credit card payment. You can access your PaperCut account online while on campus at: http://cit-p-pcut-ap01:9191/user. Printers are available on all campuses in the library and learning centre, with some campuses having additional printers available in hallway areas.

Please note: Students are advised not to place excessive amounts on their PaperCut account as we are unable to refund unused funds from PaperCut. You have 30 days from the completion of your course to use any credit on your card.

If you need assistance with adding funds to your PaperCut account, please visit a library and learning centre. The staff will be help to assist you with this process.