Who does this Collection Statement apply to?

This statement applies to all persons who interact or deal with Chisholm Institute including:

  • individuals who access information from our website, via mobile, other digital applications, devices or platforms
  • individuals who attend or access our events such as open days or online information sessions for prospective students
  • individuals who speak with one of our staff by telephone, online or in person
  • individuals who communicate with us through correspondence, chats, emails or via social media platforms, services or websites
  • individuals who sign up to receive communications from Chisholm or make enquiries to Chisholm.

This statement should be read alongside Chisholm’s other Privacy Collection Statements which apply more specifically to individuals interacting with Chisholm as a student or potential student, as an employee or potential employee, as a research participant, as a visitor and/or as alumni.

What types of personal information does Chisolm generally process?

We may collect the following types of personal information about you:

  • name
  • mailing or street address
  • email address
  • telephone number and other contact details
  • age or date of birth
  • tax file number
  • emergency contact details
  • photograph (for student or staff identification purposes)
  • details of the education services we have provided to you or that you have enquired about, including any additional information necessary to deliver those education services and respond to your enquiries
  • details of your previous education and qualifications (including any secondary, tertiary or vocational study or education that you may have previously undertaken)
  • details of the payment method used to pay the educational services that we provide to you. Depending on the payment method that you choose, this may consist of your credit card details or your bank account details and direct debit instructions. Alternatively, if your employer is paying for your course, we may collect details of your employer's credit card and authority to provide an invoice to your employer
  • details relating to your health, wellbeing and/or welfare. This includes, where appropriate, creating a case file about you that includes any case notes we make and any information you may share with us, including as part of our student counselling service as detailed further below (for more information please see our Student Privacy Collection Statement)
  • any additional information relating to you that you provide to us directly or indirectly through our website or our mobile applications or online presence or through other websites or accounts from which you permit us to collect information
  • information you provide to us through student or staff surveys
  • your ethnicity, if you choose to provide it
  • if applicable, your Australian indigenous status
  • details of any languages (if any) other than English that are spoken at your home 
  • employment status
  • Victorian Student Number (where applicable)
  • Unique Student Identifier (where applicable)
  • whether or not you have a disability, and if so, the nature of any disability that you may have
  • in relation to our students, information about your attendance, engagement and participation (which is collected through progress reporting and stored in our student management system)
  • other health information that you provide to us, including as part of our student counselling service as detailed further below
  • if you apply for employment or a contracting role with us, the results of a criminal records check relating to you (if you consent to such a check being undertaken) and evidence that you have obtained a Working With Children check 
  • any other personal information that may be required in order to facilitate your dealings with us.

How does Chisholm collect your personal information?

We may collect your personal information either directly from you, or from third parties.

We may collect your personal information when you: 

  • register on our website or our mobile applications
  • attend any of our events, such as open days for prospective students
  • when you speak with one of our staff by telephone or in person, or
  • communicate with us through correspondence, chats, email, or when you share information with us from other social applications, services or websites.

Why Chisholm collects, uses and discloses personal information

We may collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to provide course advice, enrol you in a course and to provide our education services to you
  • to enable you to access and use our website and any mobile applications that we provide (including as part of any course of study that you are undertaking)
  • to send you service, support and administrative messages, reminders, technical notices, updates, security alerts, and information requested by you
  • if you request or seek such services, to provide a range of support services including disability support, personal counselling crisis support
  • to conduct research and analytical activities
  • to monitor infrastructure and facilities, including access and management systems, CCTV, identity management, security and emergency response, including to lessen or prevent threats to safety
  • to support our educational services and to provide education-related support, including admission, enrolment, content delivery and learning activities, assessment, graduation, related services (e.g. library, wellbeing, support), handling disputes, investigations, audits, data analysis and improvements, general administration and enquiry management
  • to inform you about clubs, events and activities that may be of interest, and
  • to comply with our legal obligations, resolve any disputes or grievances involving our students and/or staff and to enforce our agreements with third parties. 

Use and disclosure of personal information in emergency or other sensitive situations

We may use or disclose personal information (including health information and other sensitive information) about you:

  • in an emergency or other similar situations where we are permitted or authorised by law to do so
  • where we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious threat to your life, health, safety or welfare or the life, health, safety or welfare of another individual or the public or
  • in relation to any health information proposed to be used or disclosed for the purposes mentioned above, that information will only be used or disclosed in accordance with applicable guidelines issued or approved by the Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner or Victorian Information Commissioner for this purpose. 

We may also disclose personal information (including health information) where we have reason to suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in, and we use or disclose the information as a necessary part of our investigation of the matter or in reporting our concerns to relevant authorities.

We may also disclose personal information (including health information) where we reasonably believe that such a use or disclosure is reasonably necessary for a law enforcement function by or on behalf of a law enforcement agency, such as the Victorian Police force.

Do we use your personal information for direct marketing?

We may use or disclose personal information (other than sensitive information) about an individual for the purpose of direct marketing if:

  • we collected the information from you
  • you have consented to receive direct marketing or you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose your information for that purpose
  • we provide a simple means by which you may easily request to not receive direct marketing from us, and
  • you have not made such a request to us. 

We will only use or disclose sensitive information about you for the purpose of direct marketing if you have consented to the use or disclosure of the information for that purpose.

To whom do we disclose your personal information?

We may disclose personal information for the purposes described in this privacy policy to:

  • our employees and related bodies corporate
  • third party suppliers and service providers (including providers for the operation of our websites and/or our business or in connection with providing our services to you included third party hosted software and systems for students to use as part of their studies)
  • professional advisers and agents
  • payment systems operators (such as merchants receiving card payments)
  • our existing or potential business partners or other partners
  • anyone to whom our assets or businesses (or any part of them) are transferred
  • State and Commonwealth government Departments of Education, including where required to assess eligibility for, report on or administer any funding or loan arrangements (including FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans for students), to provide or confirm any details of your enrolment in and /or attendance at any of our courses or for any other purpose authorised or required by law
  • Department of Home Affairs to perform a Centrelink enquiry of a person’s Centrelink customer details for receipt of discounted tuition fees
  • specific third parties authorised by you to receive information held by us
  • external organisations such as professional bodies, hospitals or government agencies, in connection with your studies
  • other persons, including government agencies, regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies, or as required, authorised or permitted by law and/or
  • in the event of an emergency, police, medical or hospital personnel, civil emergency services, your legal representative or nominated emergency contact person, or any other person assessed as necessary to respond to the emergency.

We disclose personal information related to students and staff on an annual basis to regulators, including:

  • the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)
  • the Victorian education and training regulator, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
  • the higher education regulator, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and 
  • the national professional body responsible for collecting, managing, analysing and communicating research and statistics on the Australian VET sector, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). 

The information is collected from the data that we hold.

Detailed information related to each regulators' collection, use and disclosure of this information is set out in our Student Privacy Collection Statement and also available at: 

Disclosure of personal information outside Victoria

We disclose personal information to regulators and Commonwealth department and agencies who are located outside of Victoria as outlined above. Some of our service providers are located outside of Victoria and/or Australia and, as a result, personal information collected and held by Chisholm may be transferred outside of Victoria (but within Australia) or outside Australia. Some Chisholm IT systems use cloud computing services and are hosted in countries other than Australia. Depending on the service accessed this could include selected countries in the Americas, Europe or Asia-Pacific region.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that any recipient located outside of Victoria will deal with such personal information in a way that is consistent with our privacy obligations, including, where appropriate, by entering into contracts with these third parties that require these third parties to only use your personal information for specific purposes and to use appropriate security measures to protect the privacy of your personal information.

Using our Websites and cookies

Chisholm operates the following websites across desktop, mobile, tablet and apps (including any subdomains):


These websites are collectively known as Websites and are covered by this General Privacy Collection Statement.

We may collect personal information about you when you use and access our Websites.

We may record certain information about your use of our Websites, such as which pages you visit, the time and date of your visit and the internet protocol address assigned to your computer. 

We may also use 'cookies' or other similar tracking technologies on our website that help us track your website usage and remember your preferences. Cookies are small files that store information on your computer, mobile phone or other device. They enable the entity that put the cookie on your device to recognise you across different websites, services, devices and/or browsing sessions. You can disable cookies through your internet browser but our websites may not work as intended for you if you do so.

We may also use cookies to enable us to collect data that may include personal information. For example, where a cookie is linked to your account, it will be considered to be personal information. In some cases, our Websites may use a customer relationship management system or plug-in software that allows us to identify you. We will handle any personal information collected by cookies or our other software in the same way that we handle all other personal information as described in this General Privacy Collection Statement and our Privacy Policy. 

We may also use cookies for digital marketing purposes (whether or not those cookies contain personal information).  

Our Websites may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. Those links are provided for convenience and may not remain current or be maintained. Unless expressly stated otherwise, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of, or any content on, those linked websites, and have no control over or rights in those linked websites. The privacy policies that apply to those other websites may differ substantially from our Privacy Policy, so we encourage individuals to read them before using those websites.

How we hold your personal information

We may hold your personal information in either electronic or hard copy form. We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure and we use a number of physical, administrative, personnel and technical measures to protect your personal information. In addition, we require third parties who hold or store your personal information on our behalf to comply with strict privacy obligations under our contracts with these third parties. However, we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information. 

How you can access or correct your personal information

You can access the personal information we hold about you by contacting us using any of the details on set out below under the 'Contact us' heading. Sometimes, we may not be able to provide you with access to all of your personal information and, where this is the case, we will tell you why. We may also need to verify your identity when you request your personal information.

If you think that any personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, please contact us using any of the details on set out below under the 'Contact us' heading and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that it is corrected. If you are a student of ours, you can also update your details by contacting Student Services. If you are an employee or contractor of ours, you can also update your details by contacting the People & Culture team. 

How to make a complaint

If you think that we have breached your privacy, or if you wish to make a complaint about the way we have handled your personal information, you can contact us using any of the details on set out below under the 'Contact us' heading. Please include your name, email address and/or telephone number and clearly describe your complaint. We will acknowledge your complaint and respond to you regarding your complaint within a reasonable period of time. If you think that we have failed to resolve the complaint satisfactorily, we will provide you with information about the further steps that you can take. 

How to contact us

For further information about our Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, or to access or correct your personal information, or make a complaint, please contact us using the details set out below:

The Privacy Officer
121 Stud Road, Dandenong, Victoria, 3175
Email: privacy@chisholm.edu.au.