Volunteer work is a win-win for you and the community. Volunteering gives you the satisfaction of developing new skills and strengths, as well as a sense of achievement. It can also lead to paid employment as it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate employability skills.

When you volunteer, you

  • develop your employability skills
  • increase industry understanding, which can help you make decisions about the work that’s right for you
  • gain valuable work experience
  • establish or improve networking and industry contacts
  • demonstrate community involvement at a job interview
  • increase your chances of getting paid work in that organisation as it becomes available.

How do I find voluntary work?

  • Be proactive and contact companies within your chosen industry.
  • Identify voluntary work through organisational websites. Search for positions, locations and types of organisations using volunteer websites.
  • Ask friends and family for referrals to organisations.

Volunteer websites

Go Volunteer 
Navigate volunteer positions on this site by entering organisation type and position type as well as location. The site provides information about what volunteering is, as well as the rights of a volunteer.

Volunteering Victoria  
A one stop shop for all things volunteering in Victoria. Volunteer information is provided using a search by location and job position. Volunteer opportunities for students and youth.

My future 
‘My future’ provides information for volunteers across Australia and also for Australians volunteering overseas. Follow links from the front page myfuture/sign up/career insight/volunteer

Seek Volunteer 
Seek volunteer is an online job board site. Search for positions within a 10km radius of your area.

Volunteering Australia 
Information and facts for volunteers regarding training and skills development, as well as articles/stories from organisations and people involved with volunteering both within Australia and overseas.

Victoria Volunteering 
Information for volunteers for positions, resource centres, web opportunities, news, events, emergency service volunteers and FAQs.

Other organisations which may offer volunteer positions:

Volunteering via your local community websites