The fully equipped, state-of-the-art health wards, workshops, laboratories and collaboration spaces encourage new ways of learning, teaching and thinking, new connections, and new ways to immerse students in their future journey.

The four levels of Building A house course delivery in nursing, allied health, early childhood education, and hair and beauty. Level 3 hosts four replica hospital wards, each with six patient beds creating a true-to-life simulated environment. Thirteen specialised Laerdal simulation manikins can be programmed to respond to treatment and medication, explain their symptoms and use AI technology to engage in a real-time conversation.

Photograph of students working in a large open plan carpentry workshop

Building B is a two-level collaborative training space designed to reflect a real-world trade site. Purpose-built and flexible, the integrated design will combine student learning in plumbing, construction, electrical, and electrotechnology.

The new Library and Learning Centre is a dynamic, open-plan student research and meeting space with access to research support, digital libraries and access to online study coaching.