How Ruby is building a career with a sturdy foundation

How Ruby is building a career with a sturdy foundation

She’s usually the only female tradie on the job site, but that hasn’t stopped Ruby Hayne from making a big impression in just a few years in the construction industry


Ruby Hayne has been forging a construction career with a solid foundation of qualifications and experience.

The 23-year-old said she had been motivated to pursue a building career as it was something she was passionate about, and she also enjoyed the challenge.

“The thing I love most about my trade is we do something different every day and we learn new skills every day,” Ruby said. “Working on a job site, I get to be myself and meet interesting people.”

Ruby’s journey began when she was still in secondary school, when she studied a Certificate IV in Residential Drafting as part of the VET in Schools program.

Her interest in building design led her to start working as a carpentry labourer in 2015, hoping the hands-on knowledge of a job site would help with an architecture career.

She hasn’t looked back and has since completed a Certificate III in Carpentry CPC30211 apprenticeship.

The only female at trade-school and on-site, she knew she’d have to keep up with the men and show she was there for the same reasons.

She has since proven herself, having received nominations for Apprentice of the Year in 2018 and 2019 and Master Builder’s Apprentice of the Year in 2019.

Ruby, who lives on the Mornington Peninsula, said working and studying in a male-dominated industry had been “a little daunting at first,” but had ultimately helped to build her confidence.

“For me it’s been a positive experience…I love my job and love the new challenges I face every day and working with males is what I’m used to now.”

Ruby is now studying a Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC40110 at Chisholm, which she said was helping her to learn “so many aspects” of the building industry.

“Having carpentry hands-on skills and studying at the same time has helped me to understand most topics we do in building and construction, for example, how to read a building plan and how a house is put together,” she said.

Ruby’s five-year plan is to work towards gaining her Builder’s Licence and she also hopes to see more women succeeding in the industry and proving building and construction isn’t just a man’s world.

“My advice to young women would be to just give it a go because you won’t know until you try it,” Ruby said. “The key is to be confident and show that women can also do this job as well. “Most of all, just enjoy yourself if you really love your trade.”