Ned continues to fly

Since starting his diploma at the Chisholm Sports Academy - Basketball and graduating, Ned's sporting career is reaching new heights. He recently got accepted into a major university to continue his studies in a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Business (Sport Management).  

‘I started at Chisholm in early 2017, and wanted the opportunity to play basketball every day. My game had taken a lull, and I wanted to have access to world-class coaches such as Brendan. The best part about Chisholm are the facilities at Casey Fields; they are state-of-the-art.’

Since starting at the Sports Academy, he has learned a great deal. With a rigorous schedule, the day starts with player analysis in the auditorium, followed by on court drills and game play, then on-court coaching.

‘They have since helped me develop in every aspect of my game both mentally and physically.’

‘Sometimes you get up and you're tired, but one thing I’ve been trying to live by lately, is that every day is a good day, and living by that philosophy, I’ve been able to put things into perspective and build mental resilience.’

‘The biggest thing I’ve taken from Brendan is the way he treats us, it’s the same as he would treat his Opals. I’ve taken this out when coaching my under-12  players.’

The afternoon schedule consists of theory, including exercise science, law and management. With exposure to the wide variety of subject matter, Ned is realising the possibilities, outcomes and pathways in this field.

‘In the next few years I want to focus on learning and then I’d like to teach basketball or exercise science; potentially go to university after that.’

But Ned has another love within the field of basketball that involves paying it forward.

‘I’ve always been interested in coaching and started coaching an under-12 team just four years ago. I never felt like I was doing the kids a good enough service though, because I didn’t know enough. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Chisholm, to develop those kids and give them a foundation they could build on. I’ve done extra coaching work at the weekends, and I enjoy taking the standard of learning to the kids I work with, that would not necessarily have access to the likes of Brendan Joyce’s knowledge. So in a sense, I’m a pathway to that knowledge.’

This is all sounding very professional, but how about the social and fun aspect of the game?

Ned reassures us that the most enjoyable part of basketball is the team aspect. The team we have here, and the bonds we’ve made are lifelong. That’s one of the best parts about this course.’