While studying Cyber Security at Chisholm, Nitika participated in a Victorian Workplace Training Innovation Project, furthering her skills and aspirations to work in IT.

Nitika was selected to participate in a Victorian Workplace Training Innovation Project run by CITT which delivers strategic analysis and advice for the Information Technology and Telecommunications sector. In partnership with Chisholm the CITT workshop focussed on practical application of student skills to the benefit of small and medium businesses, in understanding their cyber security risks.

“Studying Cyber security at Chisholm was a fantastic choice! Moreover, I have a background in the IT field, which has given me valuable insights into technology systems and networks. I am excited about the continuous learning opportunities in this area”.

Nitika was one of two female students from a group of seven students who participated on the day. She was involved in risk analysis, which aims at assisting businesses to work with an IT cyber security specialist to secure their environment. She completed practical tasks and delivered a presentation with recommendations in solving business cyber security needs.

Together with mentors from CITT, Chisholm Business and IT Education Manager Bavita Gupta, Nitika gained valuable practical experience in how to help businesses mitigate cyber-attacks in future.

Gabriele Giofre from CITT commented “The cyber security workshop was very successful with Chisholm students fully engaged in the use of cyber analysis tools. The responses from the small businesses involved were positive and they welcomed the risk analysis reports provided to them. Also, discussions between the businesses and the students generated positive actions to reduce the businesses cyber security risks.”

Nitika found the mentors at Chisholm and CITT were very approachable and always willing to lend a helping hand, whether in seeking advice on coursework or discussing career aspirations. Additionally, she had mentors from professional networking groups who have generously shared their industry insights and expertise. This collaboration has not only deepened her knowledge but also exposed her to real-world challenges and solutions in the cyber security domain.

“I am proud to be one of the few female students interested in this career path, and my experience with the workshop has been incredibly rewarding” she says.

Since graduating, Nitika has found employment as a Level 2 Integration Consultant in the automotive I.T. industry, primarily devising efficient solutions and ensuring seamless communication between various IT components.

Nitika says” I love staying up to date with the latest cyber trends through social media. It helps me learn about new developments in cyber security”.

Nitika's advice, especially for female students, is to follow their passion for technology and cybersecurity.

She says “don't be afraid to seek support from others in the field and celebrate your progress along the way. Remember, you have a unique perspective that can make a positive impact in this exciting and ever-growing field”.

Nitika’s 5-year goal is to work in the IT industry with a large organisation, as a cyber security consultant working with businesses or clients to improve and implement processes to mitigate risks associated with cyber-attacks.