Cookery - Joseph Kierulf

Joseph found that rebuilding his life meant he could do it better this time around

A baker from the Philippines who lost his home and business to Typhoon Haiyan, Joesph Kierulf moved to Australia in search of stability and a career in hospitality. He joined Chisholm to study for a Certificate III and IV in Commercial Cookery and then went on to do a Certificate IV in Frontline Management and a Diploma of Hospitality.

"I love learning and I love cooking. I joined Chisholm because everyone I knew in Melbourne recommended it as a long standing trusted institution. It was at Chisholm that I learnt how to operate in a proper commercial kitchen and now that I’m working, I realize how well Chisholm has prepared me because the real kitchens have the same environment as the kitchen at Chisholm"

An ardent fan of AFL and Melbourne food culture, Joseph is proud of the opportunities he has had to work in prestigious kitchens such as the MCG and the Emirates Lounge.

"Some days when I walk out of the MCG after work I look back and have to tell myself ‘you work there!’ Because I can’t believe it myself yet!

"I have won the International Student of the Year Award at Chisholm and also been nominated as a finalist at the 2015 Victorian International Education Awards. It makes me very proud because I never imagined that I would be here and achieve all this."

Joseph continues to study for a Diploma of Leadership & Management at Chisholm in a bid to gain comprehensive learning and qualifications to build a foundation for starting his own business someday.

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