Award-winning apprentice chef Christel follows her passion for cooking at Chisholm

Born and raised in France and living in Mauritius for many years, Christel Darion was exposed to a vast variety of food and contrasting flavours. She received her early training by working in the kitchen of her father’s restaurant but wanted to learn and formally qualify on her own terms.

Moving to Australia and enrolling in Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery at Chisholm was her first step towards achieving this goal but it hasn’t taken her too long to get noticed for her skills. She has already won a silver medal at the Australian Culinary Federation national apprentice competition and is also a finalist at the Fonterra Proud to be a Chef contest, a national level competition that identifies young aspiring chefs.

"I had cooked with my parents for so many years but I never knew what a real commercial kitchen could be like until I came to Chisholm. Cooking efficiently, cleaning up and handling the pressure are some of the most important things I learned, in addition to the actual cooking. My teachers were inspiring and really knew how to awaken the passion for cooking in students and it was at Chisholm that I was encouraged to enter competitions.

"The best part about winning the silver award and being a finalist in another national competition is being mentored by the culinary leaders of Australia and the exposure to high-profile-venue kitchens and culinary techniques."

Working towards her ultimate dream of owning and operating a coffee and pastry shop in France, Christel currently works as an apprentice in Melbourne while also studying at Chisholm.

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