An employer who benefited from using Chisholm's own online jobs board, Andrea Frier believes in offering work experience opportunities

When Andrea, an administrative support officer needed an apprentice a few years ago, she asked Chisholm to recommend a student who might be interested in the opportunity to work at Busy Bee Brushware, a leading brush manufacturing company in Victoria. Having fulfilled her hiring needs successfully, she once again reached out to Chisholm to recruit a graphic designer.

"I was immediately contacted and provided with a lot of constructive feedback on how best to go about hiring for the position. They also helped me refine my ad to better position my requirements and pretty soon I started getting responses, helping me fill the position within a few days."

Andrea recruited Chisholm student Emmanuel Rigopoulos, who she says demonstrated a superior understanding of the job requirements and was able to provide design solutions that met her business needs.

"I strongly believe in offering young people the opportunity to gain work experience and I am willing to provide necessary mentoring and guidance. My experience with Chisholm students has given me confidence in the skill level these students are equipped with and I look forward to hiring Chisholm students again".