We ask that you read and understand the following photography permission information before booking your photoshoot time. You will be asked whether you have read the information and give permission for your photos to be used accordingly at the time of booking.  

Please find outlined the practices that Chisholm has in place for the collection, use and disclosure of images of students to ensure compliance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).

As a general rule, images may be shared and distributed for marketing and promotional purposes such as social media posts, newsletters, flyers. 

In checking the relevant check box on the photo bookings form (Photography permission information), you are agreeing to the following:

I authorise Chisholm Institute (ABN 65 335 795 326) and its related bodies corporate to use any film footage, photographic image or sound recording produced in any format taken or recorded and/or artistic works of the individual named above (collectively Recordings) for the purposes of Chisholm Institute using the Recordings in any of its advertising, promotional or other material, including Social Media (the Purpose).

I understand and acknowledge that:

  • Chisholm Institute may use the Recordings from time to time and for such period as Chisholm Institute deems appropriate.
  • Chisholm Institute may alter, distort or blur the Recordings for design purposes. I will not be consulted about the specific context in which the Recordings will appear.
  • Any use by Chisholm Institute of my Recordings will be without payment to me and does not require any further consent by me.
  • All intellectual property and any other rights to or in the Recordings will be owned exclusively by Chisholm Institute. To the extent necessary, I hereby assign all existing and future rights in the Recordings to Chisholm Institute.
  • Nothing in this release form affects ownership of my artistic works themselves, the copyright of which remains vested in me. I grant a licence to Chisholm Institute to the artistic works to the extent necessary for Chisholm Institute to use and enjoy the Recordings as set out in this release form. I warrant that I have the right to grant such licence.
  • I warrant that I will not make a claim against Chisholm Institute in future for remuneration or damages arising out of the use of the Recordings in the manner outlined in this release form.
  • This release form does not create or alter any existing employment relationship between me and Chisholm Institute.
  • If I wish to withdraw permission for Recordings to be used, I must so inform Chisholm Institute in writing. I understand that if I so withdraw permission for the Recordings to be used, Chisholm Institute will cease any future new publication or use of the Recordings, but for several years the Recordings may appear in printed and electronic material which has already been produced or disseminated.