Leveraging student enrolment works previously undertaken at Dandenong and Frankston, the refurbishment of Berwick Building A was approved by the EDG in July 2020. The consolidated and refurbished Student Services and Support Hub provides a standard student enrolment experience at Dandenong, Frankston and Berwick which is also supported by the Student Experience Plan. One of the key drivers noted in Chisholm’s Student Experience Plan is that students feel welcomed and included, and this new, inviting space will assist in achieving an exceptional student experience, from enrolment and throughout the student journey.

The air conditioning upgrade works provide reverse cycle air conditioning throughout the building, as well as providing a more environmentally sensitive refrigerant for the system. The upgrade works were complete in January 2021.

In addition, Chisholm has commenced a building refresh program for this building, investing $750,000 into refreshing 11 classrooms, bathroom facilities and mailroom. During 2022, the canteen area will also be refreshed.

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Berwick Campus - Building A Refurbishment