Tech Games Fest (TGF)

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We are pleased to be hosting:

  • Beyond 2018 - Saturday 3 November, 2018
  • TGF - Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 July, 2019


Attendees to Beyond 2018 have an opportunity to participate in TGF activities.

Beyond is held at Chisholm, Building W, Fletcher Road, Frankston.

Register to attend Beyond

Register to attend Beyond


TGF is an exciting three day event during the school holidays focusing on the development of games, games culture, ICT networking and other ICT stuff.

If you like Oz Comic-Con or Supanova then this event is for you. Better yet - it’s FREE!

The event has something for everyone across cosplay, gaming, networking, programming, virtual reality, ethical hacking, pop culture, card and board games, e-sports, video games, talks from industry sponsors and more.

There are also opportunities for work experience and volunteering.

Register to attend TGF 2019

Register to attend TGF 2019

Industry registration for TGF 2019

Industry registration for TGF 2019

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