Tech Games Fest

28 to 30 June, 2016

Tech Games Fest (TGF) is an exciting three day event during the school holidays for Year 9 – 12 and TAFE students interested in the development of games, games culture, ICT networking and other ICT stuff.

This year's theme is Star Wars VS Zombies.

TGF includes industry  presentations, gaming workshops, e-sport tournaments,  networking for gaming, network security, games programming, ethical hacking, course information, Cosplay, competitions and more.

TGF does not include R-rated material or games due to the age of the audience.

Please note: Spaces are limited, and students must register and receive final attendance confirmation.  Register via the links below.

General registration | Volunteering registration | Parent/guardian registration | School leaver registration | Teacher registration | Industry registration | Work experience registration