How do I enrol?

To enrol, you will need to apply online via our website. Select “APPLY NOW” on the course page of your choice and follow the instructions. Once you have completed your application you will receive an email with further instructions and a link to make an appointment. A Course Advisor will contact you at the time you have chosen.

As part of the application process, you will need to provide us with documents to demonstrate your academic suitability and funding eligibility (if applicable). By uploading these documents, you authorise us to externally validate them. If you do not hold a qualification equivalent to an Australian Certificate IV or higher, you will be required to sit the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Test administered by BKSB.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

You will need a computer to be able to accept and submit your enrolment documents.

If you are an existing student, or have previously enrolled with Chisholm Online, please have your Chisholm Student number handy, or let one of our Course Advisors know and we can find your details.

Where can I get my Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

If you:

  • have not completed a course with a registered training organisation since 2015 or
  • have lost or forgotten your USI or
  • need to apply for a new USI

please visit www.usi.gov.au

Why do I need a USI?

We require your USI as part of your application with Chisholm Online.

A USI is your individual education number for life. It also gives you an online record of your Vocational Education and Training (VET) undertaken in Australia.

If you are involved in nationally recognised training or higher education study, you need a USI to receive Commonwealth financial assistance (if eligible) and to get your qualification or statement of attainment. 


Can I pay in instalments?

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans. However we do not charge for material or student services fees, nor do we charge for the full course upfront.

Our courses are broken into modules (the group of study units you have enrolled in) and you only need to pay for the module/s that you are enrolled in per Study Period.

Can I get help with my fees?

Yes, you can. Ask us about financial assistance when you talk to your Course Advisor.

We offer the following fee subsidies, for eligible* students:

  • Free TAFE courses are fully subsidised meaning they are completely tuition free. For more information about Free TAFE courses, visit Free TAFE
  • VET Student Loans (Diploma-level courses and above only), allow you to study now and pay later. For more information about VET Student Loans, visit VET Student Loans 
  • Government-subsidised training, means the Government will contribute towards your fees. For more information about government-subsidised training, visit Fees  
  • Scholarships, can cover some or all of your fees. For more information about scholarships, visit Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation.

*Please note: Applicants need to meet certain criteria to be eligible. You will need to complete an application for us to confirm your eligibility. Completing an application to see if you are eligible will not lock you into the course if you decide not to proceed.

When do Study Periods commence?

At Chisholm Online, we have four Study Periods, each running for ten weeks. Find more information at Online study periods and key dates.

Do you offer concession rates?

Yes, we offer concession rates for courses up to Certificate IV for government-subsidised training places only. For you to receive the concession rate, we will need to sight your original and current concession card (Healthcare, Pension or Veterans Gold) with your name on it, or listed as a dependant, at the time of enrolment.

Concession rates also apply to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders at all qualification levels when undertaking government-subsidised training.

What if I cannot pay my fees by the due date?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to enrol you in the upcoming study period. Your invoice will be cancelled and if you are a new student, your application will be cancelled.

Please note, you are not formally enrolled in a course until we have received your payment.

Which course/s can I do under FREE TAFE?

At Chisholm Online, we offer most of the courses on the Free TAFE list to study online. For a list of Free TAFE courses offered online, visit Free TAFE

If I enrol and change my mind, can I get a refund?

You can receive a refund up to 28 days after you have commenced your course. A $50 withdrawal administration fee will apply. Please note, this is only applicable from the commencement date of the course, not on commencement of each module (the group of study units you have enrolled in), and does not apply to short courses.

Find out more at Withdrawals and refunds.

How do I withdraw from my Course?

All requests to withdraw from a course must be received in writing. Please send an email to studentengagement@chisholmonline.edu.au

Find out more at Withdrawals and refunds.

Please note, for Free TAFE Courses:

  1. After you have commenced your course by completing your Kickstart Activity in any module (the group of study units you have enrolled in), you have now used your ONE opportunity to study a Free TAFE course in your lifetime. This means that you will not be able to study any other courses under Free TAFE funding.
  2. If you have not completed your Kickstart Activity in any module (the group of study units you have enrolled in) you may be eligible for another Free TAFE course, however, you will need to submit a new application and your eligibility will need to be re-assessed next time you enrol.

How do I get a parking permit?

You can get a daily parking permit from campus reception if you are on campus to use the facilities.

How do I get a timetable?

Once you have received your log in details for Moodle (our Learning Management System), you will be able to access your timetable information in the Moodle platform under News and Announcements. You will gain access to Moodle once you have enrolled and paid.

How do I get a student card?

Please email Student Engagement at studentengagement@chisholmonline.edu.au with a clear photo of yourself stating your full name, Chisholm Student number and home address.

We will organise for this to be uploaded into our student engagement data base and a student card will be mailed to your home address within 2-3 weeks. Alternatively, you may visit a Chisholm campus reception and have your student card issued there. Visit Locations for a list of campus locations.

When will I receive my certificate?

It can take between four to six weeks to receive your certificate after completion of your course. We will mail it to the address you have registered with us.