Tina Morris chose Chisholm Online to study a Diploma of Business Administration due to her remote location in rural Victoria 

Tina works full time and lives in rural Victoria. "Studying online saves me time travelling when I live so far out," she explains.

"I spend over an hour travelling to and from work every day. Adding more travelling time to travel somewhere to study, I’d barely have any time left in the day."

When Tina started looking at courses, Chisholm Online was the most appealing because of the subjects offered for business administration.

"I’m really enjoying the course and it’s definitely a benefit doing the course through Chisholm Online. The learning materials are really good, easy to follow and easy to understand."

On completing the course, Tina plans to find a job closer to home in business administration and feels confident that completing the course will help her achieve this goal. She’s hoping the course will open some doors. "I feel like I’m learning a lot of practical things that I would really use in the real world."