Shireen Shaik believes studying the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care with Chisholm Online helped her secure a permanent job in the industry as well as a promotion to a leadership role

student wearing pink headscarf looking at camera

“I absolutely loved it!” Shireen exclaimed when asked if she enjoyed the course. “People have this preconception that online study isn’t as good [as on campus] but it was worth every penny for me.”

After completing her studies with Chisholm Online, Shireen was quickly offered a full time role shortly followed by a promotion.

“I’m now working full time in a family day care coordination unit. With the knowledge I have from studying with Chisholm Online, I was given a promotion – an offer of educational leader!” 

The centre managers at both her work placement centre and her full-time job were particularly impressed with the resources and articles Shireen used, all which were obtained from her studies with Chisholm Online. “The materials were very relevant to the workplace. There were a few articles, in particular, which the director asked me for a copy. At those times, I felt quite advanced and helpful – I was a student giving them something back to use! 

“I know Chisholm Online and the course materials I had helped me to get my job.”

Shireen also found the Chisholm name was well known and trusted by employers, which helped her to find work placement and secure a full time role after she finished the course. “The minute I told them I was with Chisholm, I was offered work placement.”

In terms of the actual course, Shireen really enjoyed the flexibility as well as the support she received along the way. “I moved here from India four years ago and I have three children, 13, 12 and 6 years of age." It was important for Shireen to find a study solution that could work around taking care of her family and allowed her to work at her own pace. “The flexibility to study around my children’s activities was the best part but also the ongoing support we had throughout the course.

“There are always reminders from the teacher and engagement team through emails, phone calls and SMS to ensure you stay on track, even if I was a bit lazy and fell behind. In my view, this is one of the best things. They always say ‘We’re here to help you’ and kept me focused, reminding me of my goal.”

Shireen also loved the fact that as she was learning in her own time, if she didn’t understand something, she was able to watch, listen or read the materials again. “The teachers give you all the videos and webinars so you can go back and replay these again and again.”

Having firstly studied the certificate IV with Chisholm on campus, then building on this this with the Diploma of Early Childhood and Care online, Shireen says “Chisholm set the road map for me." 

"I want people to know how great my experience has been. 

"I didn’t have to look back – there was never a time that I regretted online study. It was very comfortable for me to do it and I know that it helped me to get my job and the promotion too.”