Due to a medical condition, Monica Woodward chooses to study online to give herself the freedom to do her coursework when it suits herstudent with glasses and red hair smiling at camera

“I have medical issues that prevent me from studying on campus, so I need to be able to study in my own time”, Monica explains.
Monica is studying the Diploma of Mental Health with Chisholm Online. “My end goal is to become qualified in the mental health industry and Chisholm Online is helping me to get there. 

“Chisholm Online has given me the chance to pursue my career goals despite the health issues I suffer.

“The course has been amazing. Last term I battled [with] a lot of health issues and was not able to complete [some] work by the required submission date. I found it very easy to ask for help and extensions when I felt I needed it.  I have a very busy lifestyle right now, with study, doctor appointments and general things such as going to the gym and fitting in a social life with friends. Doing the course online has given me time to work at my own pace and not have to worry. 

Monica has found the teachers are available to help when she has any questions or has fallen behind. “Whenever I have had any issues or misunderstandings with the work the teachers have been greatly helpful and just an email away.

“I mostly communicate with my teachers through the [Moodle] email system, which hasn’t been too often as I have found the work to be relatively easy to understand. But when I do [occasionally have questions] the teachers have been able to find a way to help me. 

Monica is finding the course learning materials interesting and easy to follow. “The course I am currently undertaking uses a lot of videos and simulations to present the work. For example, in one module section (topic) you will start off with some reading about a particular technique, [you are then shown] a video of someone performing this technique, you are then asked to complete a simulation based around the information or technique you learnt. 

Monica said she would definitely recommend online study with Chisholm Online to a friend. “I would tell anyone thinking about online study to give it a go. The Chisholm Online team are fantastic and will help you work around any issues you may have.”