Studying the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment online gave Miriam the skills and knowledge she needed to achieve her goal of specialising in e-learning design

 Miriam Reynoldson was working as an instructional designer at Chisholm Online when she chose to study the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment online. As an instructional designer, her role is to create learning materials for online VET students, so she knew having this qualification up to date would not only give her additional skills for her current role but would also make her stand out to future employers. Since completing the course, Miriam has gained experience working in a variety of e-learning roles and is now employed with Chisholm Online as the Product Development Lead.

“The course has given me a much fuller knowledge of the industry and lots of experience teaching and assessing online, which was hugely valuable for me as I wanted to specialise in e-learning design,” she says.

“I completed the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment part time while working full time, so I spaced out my modules over three study periods. 
“All up, it took me nine months. I know I could have taken more units and finished faster, but it was completely manageable this way. I never felt overloaded and never needed to withdraw from any commitments at work, study or home.”

Miriam found the way the course was structured made it easy for her to plan her time as she knew well in advance when assessments and readings were due. 
“It was really helpful to see the training plan at the start of each study period so I knew what I'd be learning about each week. The material flowed well and each topic built on the one before it,” she says.

 “I did most of my weekly readings in the evenings after work. I also completed some of my assessments during work, because they were workplace based! It was great actually because some of those assessment projects actually ended up benefiting my work team.”

Miriam enjoyed interacting with her peers and being a part of the online community. “I'd exchange a lot of messages with my classmates, especially to prepare for group work or to talk about our assessments and check that we were all on the same page. 

“It's awesome to hear about different peoples’ backgrounds and why they decided to pursue a training qualification. I actually got to learn a lot about training needs in different industries,” she says.

Miriam found her teacher was available to answer her questions and gave her all the support she needed to understand the course materials. “The teacher was very responsive to messages and generally replied on the same day,” she says. “I made an effort to attend as many of the weekly webinars as possible so I had the chance to ask questions 'in person' so to speak. I also used the Moodle messaging feature for questions specifically about my submitted work,” Miriam explains. 

“The learning material is a mix of reading, interactive onscreen activities, simulations as well as techniques to try in the workplace. It was nice to be reminded to get up off the computer and do things for real!”

Since completing the course, Miriam has gained experience working on a variety of digital learning and assessment projects and is now employed with Chisholm Online as the product development lead. In this role, she leads a team of instructional designers and assessment specialists to develop effective, engaging and VET compliant online course resources. Delivering vocational training online presents a set of unique challenges and must meet rigorous standards, however, with the Certificate IV under her belt, Miriam is equipped for the task.