Liz Atkinson was inspired to return to study to upskill and broaden her knowledge in her current role so she could offer more to her employer

Liz already had a great job as payroll HR administrator at Kincrome Tools and Equipment, but without formal qualifications in her field, she saw how valuable it would be to have those qualifications for the future.

"The best thing about Chisholm Online is the flexibility to study when it suits me. I work full time, so it’s great that I can study at home when I have some spare time," says Liz. 

Liz’s manager at Kincrome encouraged Liz to achieve her study goals. He could see how the Diploma of Human Resources Management would benefit Liz in terms of her professional development. He also knew the knowledge and skills Liz would bring to other staff, through her studies, would benefit the whole company. As a result of Liz studying with Chisholm Online, new programs and procedures have been implemented to the business.

Liz chose Chisholm Online as it provided the best pathway to further study and she felt it was more cost efficient compared to other courses.

"The level of service Chisholm Online provides is fantastic, including support from the teachers and engagement staff. I would recommend Chisholm Online to anyone who wants to study," says Liz .