Katie Visser is following her passion for helping people and is working towards gaining a Certificate IV in Disability.student smiling at camera

Katie works as a teacher and chose to study with Chisholm Online because she needed the flexibility to study around her work commitments.

“At first I was hesitant to do the course online because I prefer to learn one-on-one, but now I realised that it works better for me because I have two jobs and a busy lifestyle.” Overall she describes the experience as “positive, empowering and surprising.” 

"I love the flexibility. I’m also really enjoying the content and learning something new. The learning material is quite varied. There's a combination of text, YouTube videos, diagrams, charts, blogs, quizzes and simulations. There was even an assessment task where I had to use my Pinterest account to pin some websites relating to disability, which I thought was pretty interesting.

“The content is pretty structured and broken down in a way that helps me understand the information. The last week of the module often consists of a module review where they [the teachers] summarise all of the topics and main points in order to help reiterate key concepts, which is very helpful.
“The teachers have been helpful and resourceful. They’ve given me constructive feedback for my assessments and try to get in contact with me as soon as possible.

“I have also found the student engagement team to be very friendly and helpful. They have been a wonderful sounding board whenever I have had any issues to discuss.”

Katie says the best thing about studying online is “the fact that you can study anywhere, at any time as all of the information is there and there are people to talk to if you have any concerns.” 

Katie tries to devote at least 30 minutes to an hour a day to study. Her advice for future students is to “do a little bit each day and you’ll be fine.

“So far I’ve enjoyed the course and I’ve discovered how I can do it in my own time while meeting the requirements. It’s great if you have a current day job, another career, a family or a hectic lifestyle.”