Non-commissioned Navy officer Joshua Clark needed a flexible study option to fit with his unconventional work hours and location. Since completing the Graduate Certificate of Management with Chisholm Online, he has been identified for a promotion to a senior non-commissioned officer role.

Joshua is a recruit school instructor with the Navy and chose to study the Graduate Certificate of Management to broaden his knowledge of management procedures and learn how to better motivate and manage teams.

“I instruct around 100-200 individuals a year around a curriculum that provides the essential knowledge of becoming a sailor within the Royal Australian Navy. The role has me working various hours dependent on the stage of training. Some weeks can be 80-100 hours, others 60 and then the average 40. 

Like most in the Navy, Joshua is required to hold a 24 hour watch once or twice a month, which involves staying on board the base, supervising and conducting routines.

“Online study fitted in so well. Two hours a day was enough for me to correlate my study and assignments accordingly.” Joshua said he would often access and complete work during the wee hours in the morning and also do 20 minute snippets at lunch. 

“It was just so readily accessible. The Moodle app and the interface online aided with this capability.

“The Graduate Certificate of Management provided through Chisholm Online, has not only furthered my education, but has also expanded my perception and understanding of leadership and management in today’s modern society.

“The course has impacted me drastically in both my professional and personal life. I find I have gained a level of confidence and capability to lead any project or team towards succession.

“As a result [of my studies with Chisholm Online], I achieved the highest banding in my recent performance appraisal and I have being identified for a promotion to senior non-commissioned officer in the Navy. This promotion, with my newly gained skills, will see me managing multiple teams in a maritime environment.”

“Chisholm Online learning is the perfect course for those managing full time work and yet still looking to undertake further education. The systems, lecturer and student engagement are world class and you are supported at all times throughout your educational undertakings. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course and would highly recommend it to anybody that wants to get ahead as a leader within an organisation.