Chisholm Online helped Amy McLean achieve her dream of returning to study after having a family

"I think [many] people have a dream that they want to achieve, but feel like they can’t . . . Studying at Chisholm Online allows you to actually work towards that dream," says Amy.  Amy needed to study a particular diploma to bridge into a degree in social welfare. Chisholm Online was one of the only online environments offering the diploma that suited Amy’s needs. 

When Amy has successfully completed her course with Chisholm Online, she will be able to pursue her goal of studying a Bachelor of Social Welfare which will be shortened to three years part time.

"When you’re a bit older and you’re trying to study and get back into the workforce after having a family, you don’t always have confidence as it’s been a big gap since you last studied, so having the student engagement team behind you, giving you that confidence helps you along the way."

As Amy is not required to be in a classroom, she can study around family commitments at times that suit her allowing her to concentrate on the course without disruption. "I volunteer with homeless young people in a supported residential care setting and I juggle that with kids and family life. It can be tricky, as long as I stick to the plan it should be alright."

For Amy, the benefits of studying with Chisholm Online are the interactive service from the engagement team, course teachers and online discussion groups that make studying easier and more enjoyable.

The course teacher provided extra resources and updates on recent world events that integrate with current course materials. These real life examples helped Amy’s understanding of the course materials.

"You have the opportunity to engage with other students through forum questions and topics. This helps me see how other people in the sector comprehend certain areas or conflicts and how they would go about resolving or supporting people with alcohol and other drugs or mental health issues.

"My end goal for studying is to become a case manager. Preferably in the youth sector, working holistically with alcohol and drug issues and homelessness."