Teacher profile: Meet Ed, Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services teacher


After 10 years of running his own plumbing business and working on retail fit outs for some of Australia’s largest brands such as Woolworths and McDonalds, Ed was looking for a way to share the huge amount of knowledge and skills he had acquired. Ed is passionate about the plumbing industry and loves being able to help his online students learn in their own time, without having to give up their day jobs or commitments.  


Tell us a bit about yourself  

I set up my own plumbing company back in 2005 after I completed my Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services and my plumbing apprenticeship. I started in domestic maintenance for some family friends who ran a property management business doing tap repairs and sewer blockages etc. and slowly moved into residential home projects.

I then spent a couple of years specialising in bathroom and kitchen renovations before getting lured into commercial plumbing projects. My work lead me to specialising in retail fit outs with some of Australia’s largest brands such as Woolworths and McDonalds. .On a personal level, I enjoy riding my motorbike, playing guitar and planning my next travel adventure.


What led you to teaching Cert IV in Plumbing and Services?

After ten years of running my own plumbing business I decided it was time to take a step back and have a think what I was going to do with the huge amount of knowledge and experience I had acquired. Teaching allows me to be involved within the industry I'm passionate about and share my knowledge with others.


How do your students communicate with you? 

We have an online chat room with instant messenger however most students choose to email. Every day I log on to Moodle and look at the questions students have had that day. Most students are working full time so they complete the assessments after their work in the evening hours so I make sure I have each question answered by the next morning. If there is a common question then I will send a group email or discuss it in a webinar which students can watch live or later on in their own time.
Every Friday the students submit their final assessments which I mark. Naturally students range from needing more work to being very competent so depending on their outcome I will mark it accordingly and either log them as passed or send the assessment back for another attempt with feedback and references towards a specific topic they may have missed.


What are some of the things Chisholm Online students are learning through the course?

The students are undertaking mandatory subjects that they need to take in order to get a Victorian plumbing license. These are the business subjects: safety, planning a business, legal and compliance requirements. However the plumbing subjects cover the design of hot and cold water supply, design sewer and stormwater systems, metal roof installations, design supply and service gas installations, just to name a few.


What are the best aspects about teaching the Cert IV in Plumbing and Services with Chisholm Online?

The students love the flexibility and the way the course has been set up ensures all the material is easy for them to understand. The results I’ve seen students achieve is at a high standard and it’s great to see them succeeding. Online learning is such a big part of how the world is evolving and I’m enjoying being a part of it.