Studying with Chisholm Online means being welcomed into an online community

You will be part of a virtual classroom with a group of like-minded students and an industry expert teacher. Just like any conventional classroom, your teacher will guide you through the course content, lead group discussion, provide extra information and answer your questions. You will also have access to all the services available to on-campus Chisholm students, such as tutoring services, skills development and library access.

At the beginning of each module, you will receive a study plan which will include assessment and weekly topics. 

Virtual classroom

Moodle will be your learning hub where you will have access to your weekly topics, interactive activities and simulations, readings, videos, webinars and group discussion with your teacher and peers. Moodle is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer or tablet device.

Inspiring teachers

Chisholm Online's teachers have been selected for their knowledge, experience and passion for online learning. Your teacher will guide you through the course material, answering questions as they arise. You are able to contact your teacher at any time through email or group discussion boards in Moodle.

Peer interaction  

Through Moodle, you can interact with other students who are studying the same unit. Communicating with your peers about your course material is a great way to cement your knowledge and stay motivated. Many students form friendships and stay in touch with their peers and teachers, assisting each other in finding jobs and networking.

24/7 learning 

You can access your learning material, complete assignments and post questions to your peers and teacher at any time, from wherever suits you; at home, while on the train, on your lunch break, morning, afternoon or evening, during the week or on the weekend. The choice is yours. As long as you have a computer or tablet with Internet access, you can access your learning material and support network.

Assignment assistance 

Like Chisholm students studying on campus, Chisholm Online students have free access to YourTutor, an online advice centre where you have one-on-one access to a tutor who can help with your assignments. Tutors are available online from 3pm to midnight Sunday – Friday to answer your questions. There is also a 24/7 assignment feedback service where tutors will read your work and offer feedback, giving you the opportunity to make corrections before it’s submitted to your teacher.

Skills development

If you would like in-person assistance, you will have access to 28 hours of support through the learning skills help desk within the library at any Chisholm campus. The learning skills help desk can assist with assignment writing, reference and preparation skills. 

Support all the way through

Chisholm Online has a dedicated support team, which is available seven days a week, to help you with any problem you may face throughout your study journey.

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