Sach Meadows has just completed his VCE at Chisholm Frankston in 2016

Sach chose Chisholm as he needed more flexibility than the mainstream secondary school system provided. Sach prefers studying in smaller groups and in a welcoming environment.

‘It was daunting that there were over 300 people in my year level at school. I like the smaller class sizes and find it an easier way to learn,’ says Sach.

‘I don’t think I would have been able to make it through VCE if I didn’t come to Chisholm, the friendly environment really helped.’

The VCE provides diverse pathways to further study or training and to employment. It’s also an accredited secondary certificate and is the same qualification delivered at high school.

Sach has submitted applications for future courses in 2017 and will wait to receive his end of year results.

‘I would recommend VCE at Chisholm to other people, it’s been an easier experience for me,’ he said.

After finishing VCE, Sach plans to use his ATAR to complete further studies, a Bachelor of Primary Education, and then go on to work as a teacher in a primary school.

‘I feel like I got a lot from my teachers. They really helped me throughout my studies and I want to contribute to society by being a teacher,’ says Sach.