Early Childhood Education and Care - Hannah Spratt

Course: Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care

Hannah Spratt had an interrupted year 11, which meant she got a lower than expected ATAR. Hannah didn’t let this discourage her dreams of becoming an early childhood educator.

"I’ve wanted to teach children since I was little, but after getting a low ATAR, I couldn’t get into uni. I think it worked out OK though, because the teaching style at Chisholm suited me really well."

Hannah seized her chance with Chisholm, and with the support of her family, threw herself into her studies.

"My parents always encouraged me to work hard, so I did. I’ve spent lots of time studying, which is easy when you enjoy it. All my hard work has helped me keep a high distinction average.

"I had an alarm on my phone that went off at 7am every day. It said ‘Wake up if you want to be a teacher’ –

"I still have that".

"I’ve always loved children. They have so much potential. They could be anything one day, and I love knowing that I can help make that happen."

Hannah has four job placements while studying, gaining valuable experience and exposure to the industry. The last one resulted in her getting a job.

"I literally walked out of class and into a job. Chisholm has been great for me. The teachers care and inspired me every day."

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