Alexander Andrews is studying with Chisholm Online so he can acquire the business management skills he needs to set up his own chiropractic clinic

Alexander isn’t the type of person to sit around waiting for good things to happen to him. He has a plan and he’s sticking to it. Alexander is currently undertaking his double Bachelor of Health Science and Applied Science with RMIT and intends on becoming a chiropractor. “I want to help people recover from conditions that don’t require medication. The human body is an amazing organism and under the proper guidance it can heal really well”.

In addition to his university studies, Alexander chose to undertake a Certificate IV in New Small Business with Chisholm Online to supplement his health education with some fundamental business skills.

“Because I want to have my own clinic one day, I figured if I did this course it would give me the tools and learning experience to run my own business one day.

“What I’m currently studying at university is all health and science related, with subjects in anatomy physiology and physical assessment. I wanted to study something a little different, so I chose the Certificate IV in New Small Business and I really enjoyed it.”

Alexander found getting out of his health and science university bubble quite refreshing as he was exposed to different ideas, which helped him come up with a unique business idea that he plans on implementing when he’s finished studying.

“It gave me a completely different perspective. During one of my Chisholm Online modules, there was an assignment where we were required to do some networking with other people within the industry. While I was working on this assignment I found some amazing information which led me to develop some ideas for my future business. If it wasn’t for Chisholm Online I don’t think I would have ever come up with these ideas.”

Alexander chose Chisholm Online because it enabled him to study in his own time while studying at university and working at his part time jobs tutoring maths and science and working at a restaurant.  “I did a fair amount of research into the various TAFEs in Victoria and based on what I found, I found a lot of positive reviews from people who studied with Chisholm. I also know a person who did a similar course and they absolutely enjoyed the experience.

“I found the staff at Chisholm Online to be really supportive. They were really helpful in guiding me on the right path and always provided answers to my questions. They are definitely there to lead you down the right track.

“I would recommend studying with Chisholm Online to anyone looking into it. The flexibility is amazing, the staff and teachers are always ready to help and the coursework is interesting and will provide you with many skills that can be applied to your future business plans."