Chisholm International English Language Centre

At Chisholm, we understand you may want to improve your English for a variety of reasons. Our interactive classes ensure that you quickly develop the skills and confidence necessary for communication for life and travel, professional communication and study at vocational or university levels.

The Chisholm International English Language Centre provides ELICOS English language courses to help you:

  • improve your English language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • develop an accurate understanding and use of grammar
  • build your independent study skills in preparation for further study or employment
  • gain knowledge of Australian culture, the education system and workplaces.

A range of course options are available at our Dandenong or Melbourne City campuses to suit your English learning needs. Visit the ELICOS course page to enquire or apply now.

The Chisholm International English Language Centre is quality endorsed by NEAS. The NEAS mark means you know Chisholm meets internationally recognised standards of English language teaching. Find out more about NEAS

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English for new learners


  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate

New learner English programs give students the skills to communicate with confidence in an English-speaking environment. Students have many opportunities to use their English language skills in practical and real-life situations. Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are practised through the use of interesting, fun and topical resources, including:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • television
  • music
  • movies.

English for further study and work


  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced

Our further study programs focus on essential high-level English language skills, including:

  • reading strategies for complex texts
  • formal and academic writing
  • listening and note-taking
  • effective research and study skills
  • advanced speaking
  • development of language skills to analyse, critically evaluate and interpret spoken and written text
  • intensive exam preparation.

What can I expect at the Chisholm International English Language Centre?

  • To be welcomed to Chisholm with a clear and comprehensive induction program and assistance with any specific requirements you may have.
  • For your English language level to be assessed upon arrival and the appropriate class level discussed with you.
  • An English speaking learning environment so that you practise English at every chance.
  • Students from different countries in the class, offering you a chance to share experiences and encouraging you to communicate in English.
  • Interesting teaching methodology such as the use of videos, interactive whiteboards, games, puzzles, quizzes, student presentations, guest speakers, field trips, computer-based activities, group work, plays, discussions around popular culture topics both international and Australian - all directed by highly experienced and qualified teachers.
  • Your progress to be carefully monitored through ongoing activities and assessments so that you and your teacher know how you are progressing.
  • 25 hours per week of learning through 20 hours of classroom learning plus five hours in the Independent Learning Centre.
  • Extra learning activities in various formats, including online, so you can practise your English skills.
  • An excursion so that you get the opportunity to practise your language skills in real situations and to learn English using the environment around you.

Who are my teachers?

All our teachers are fully qualified with TESOL specialist qualifications and many years of English language teaching experience.

Our teachers:

  • have overseas English-language teaching experience in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka
  • have extensive experience in IELTS preparation and assessment
  • give correct and immediate feedback on your learning progress
  • undertake regular training and attend conferences
  • are committed to helping their students succeed.


Course length

Students who are intending to go on to further study will be advised of the required course duration before they arrive in Australia to ensure they meet the English level required for diploma or degree admission. Students not intending to go onto further study may elect their own course duration.

All courses are 10 weeks duration


Course fee: $275 per week
Materials: $110 per 10 week course ($55 per 5 week block)
Application fee: $200


Upon successful completion of each English course, a Certificate of Completion is issued, noting the level completed and the language competencies achieved. Students who do not successfully complete a level but wish to conclude their study receive a Certificate of Attendance, noting the length of time studied.

Study program

Twenty hours per week classroom and five hours per week independent learning.

Progressing to the next level

Each course is structured as a 10-week block. Students progress to the next level based on satisfactory completion of a block of study. Satisfactory completion is based on a range of assessments, consistent attendance and active participation in learning. Individual student progress is carefully monitored to ensure every opportunity for success. Personal learning plans are developed with students who require extra support.


Students are placed in the appropriate class level based on an approved external test score or a Chisholm placement test that is undertaken at the time of application. Initial assessments are confirmed on arrival.


Melbourne City and Dandenong campuses

Course code CHIS00549  CRICOS code 053977D


Fee calculator

Students who enrol in more than 20 weeks may pay a 50 per cent deposit and the balance half way through their program.

Duration Tuition Materials fee  Application fee
5 weeks $1375 $55 $200
10 weeks $2750 $110 $200
15 weeks $4125 $165 $200
20 weeks $5500 $220 $200
25 weeks $6875 $275 $200
30 weeks $8250 $330 $200
35 weeks $9625 $385 $200
40 weeks $11000 $440 $200
45 weeks $12375 $495 $200
50 weeks $13750 $550 $200


Students may start study on any Monday or at structured block intakes as show in the table.

 Enrolment/Start 2017  End
 3 January  3 February
 6 February  10 March
 14 March  14 April
 24 April  26 May
 29 May  30 June
 10 July  11 August
 14 August  15 September
 2 October  3 November
 6 November  8 December
 Enrolment/Start 2018  End
 2 January  2 February
 5 February  9 March
 13 March  13 April
 23 April  25 May
 28 May  29 July
 16 July  17 August
 20 August  21 September
8 October  9 November
 12 November  14 December