We want children to be safe, happy and empowered

We are committed to protecting children against child abuse. There are specific policies, procedures and training in place which support all staff members to achieve a safe environment for children.

A child is defined as any person under the age of 18 years of age.

Abuse constitutes any act committed against a child involving:

  • physical violence
  • sexual offences
  • serious emotional or psychological abuse
  • serious neglect.

Chisholm has zero tolerance for child abuse and all forms of harm to children. All allegations and safety concerns will be treated consistently in accordance with Chisholm policy and procedure.

All Chisholm staff, contractors and volunteers have a duty of care to take active and reasonable steps to protect children and young people in their care from risks or reasonably foreseeable harm.

We aim to:

  • prevent child abuse
  • encourage reporting of any abuse that does occur
  • respond to any allegations of child abuse
  • embed an organisational culture of child safety
  • assist to promote the participation and empowerment of children
  • establish clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children
  • identify and reduce or remove risk of opportunities for child abuse or harm to children to occur
  • respond to and report actual and suspected child abuse.

We do this by:

  • preventing child abuse by identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks
  • the timely reporting of concerns about a child’s safety to relevant authorities
  • promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Aboriginal children
  • promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of students, including children, from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • ensuring that students with a disability, including children, are safe and can participate equally and align to Chisholm’s Disability Action Plan 2016-2018
  • ensuring the safety, participation and empowerment of all students, including children
  • the modelling of Child Safe Standards in in the Chisholm community and Chisholm Leadership Group
  • taking all reasonable steps for thorough recruitment due diligence, including the requirement for prospective staff members to provide the Institute with pre-employment Working with Children Check and where relevant, National Police check.
  • regularly training and educating our staff members, contractors and volunteers on child abuse risks
  • observing reporting requirements and disciplinary procedures.