Smoke-free campuses

Breathe easy on campus - all of our campuses are smoke free! This means you cannot smoke on campus grounds or in car parks.

Security and first aid

If you feel unsafe on campus or need first aid, call campus security (available all hours) on the following numbers:

Bass Coast - 0417 787 010
Berwick - 0400 483 123
Chisholm@311 - 0457 098 633
Cranbourne - 0400 483 005
Dandenong-  0400 483 277
Frankston - 0400 483 002
Mornington Peninsula - 0427 281 803

Emergencies and evacuation signals

It’s a rare event but if a serious injury takes place on campus contact a staff member or security right away. If there is no time to wait, call 000 and ask for police, fire or ambulance, then make sure a staff member is informed.

If there is an emergency on campus where you need to evacuate, a warning signal will sound. Staff members and the fire warden will guide you when it's time to leave. There are fire and emergency evacuation plans in the corridors of each building, showing you where the safe exits and assembly areas are – just remember that evacuation plans are different for each building.

Safety on campus

Use common sense at all times! If you don’t know how to use something, don’t use it. Follow safety procedures and take note of warning signs. Don’t interfere with equipment in classrooms, workshops, salons, kitchens and other places around the campus.

If you see something that looks dangerous or unsafe tell a staff member.