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Trade Title of Australian Qualification(s)
Restaurant Management SIT60316 - Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (Restaurant Management) 
 Resort Management SIT60316 - Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (Resort Management) 
Travel Management  SIT60116 - Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (Travel Management) 
Tour Guide SIT60116 - Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (Tour Guide)
 Biotechnology MSL50116 - Diploma in Laboratory Technology specialising in Biotechnology
 Mechatronics MEM50105 - Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade (Mechatronics)
 Industrial Electronics UEE50511 - Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering 
 Graphic Design CUA60315 - Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design 
 Information Technology Software Applications ICA60115 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology 
 Techniques for Electricity Installation and Control in Industry UET50312 - Diploma of ESI - Power Systems Operations 
Computer Network Management UEE60411 - Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering 
 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering UEE51211 - Diploma of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering