Chisholm is a key partner in delivering advisory services to business as part of the Industry Skills Fund

The Industry Skills Fund is an Australian Government initiative to support eligible businesses to seize growth opportunities by providing grants to up-skill and reskill their workforces. Designed to encourage investment in training, the fund assists growth for Australian businesses by supporting market diversification, new technologies, new export markets and creating more jobs.

The fund prioritises SMEs, including micro businesses, and is delivered through the Single Business Service, which streamlines access to essential information for all Australian businesses.

Two categories of assistance are provided to eligible businesses:

  • Skills Advice (helping to identify skills opportunities and maximise training outcomes)
  • Training Grant (co-investment for businesses to improve the skills of their workforce for an identified growth opportunity).
    Chisholm’s highly professional team of industry advisors will support businesses in assessing their workforce capabilities through identifying resource and capability gaps. Chisholm will then provide options to businesses which may include up-skilling opportunities and access to information on relevant government funding options to improve business performance and realise growth potential. 

    For more information about how Chisholm can assist your business through the Industry Skills Fund, please contact our industry specialist team.

For further information on the fund including eligibility and application guidelines, please visit the Australian Government Website.