Learn entry level skills for a wide range of industries

This program provides students with skills and knowledge to enhance their entry-level employment prospects in apprenticeships and traineeships in a range of industries including automotive, building and construction, electrical, electronics, engineering, information technology and telecommunications. The electric drive systems provide an introduction to the power and electronic control industry.

During the course students will be immersed in the amazing world of integrated technology. This includes electrical, electronics, mechatronics and product development. Second year students will be working on an electric road going car! Second year will give scored assessment opportunities and will contribute to ATAR score. Students will develop skills that include, soldering, understanding electrical and electronic circuits, computers, welding, metal fabrication, mechanical engineering, 3D printing, rapid prototyping and CAD design. If students are unsure where they would like to go with their career, this is the perfect course for them; it has little of everything engineering.

Course code
On campus
Dandenong, Frankston
Not available Online
Not available for International students
Part Time, 2 years.