Do you have the need to produce your own business video for clients or employees?

This hands-on course introduces students to the primary feature set and basic interface of Adobe Premiere Pro. In this course you learn to perform basic editing functions while familiarising yourself with the user interface. Topics include basic set up, adjusting and customizing preferences and settings, capturing video and audio, various editing and trimming techniques, audio editing, finishing and final output for broadcast, disc, file or upload to Youtube.

You will explore:

-Screening and Marking in the Premiere Pro Interface
-Editing Clips in the Timeline
-Finishing the Rough Cut
-Refining the Edit Process
-Mixing Audio Tracks
-Changing Motion Properties
-Finishing and Outputting


Course code
On campus
Chisholm at 311
  • Fees

    Fee: $600.00


  • Available sessions and enrol online
    Available sessions and enrol online
    Campus Starts on Finishes Time Sessions Available places Enrol
    Chisholm at 311 29/04/2019 24/06/2019 Mon 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM 8 20
  • What to bring
    You are encouraged to bring your own video camera /laptop equipment but equipment and access to computer lab is available.