Gain skills in emergency confined space rescue

The course enables participants to practise an emergency rescue in a confined space, familiarise themselves with the use of the equipment required to perform a rescue, be able to use a self-contained breathing apparatus to perform a rescue, and to formulate a rescue plan pertaining to each particular confined space entry.

Participants must be qualified in the use of a breathing apparatus prior to commencement of course.

Unit covered: PUASAR025A - Undertake Confined Space Rescue.

Course Content
- risk assessment
- devising a rescue plan
- roles and responsibilities of confined space entry party
- rescue signals, communication
- gas detector alarms
- self-contained breathing apparatus, rescue equipment.

This four-hour short course can be undertaken at Chisholm or at a client’s workplace, if there are no more than eight participants.

For course dates, please email or telephone: or 1300 393 018.

Course code
On campus