Learn to identify signs that a child may be in a crisis situation

Early childhood educators come into contact with children and families from diverse backgrounds and dynamics on a daily basis. It is essential that practitioners are aware of the potential signs and symptoms of families experiencing family breakdown, family crisis and indicators that abuse may be occurring in the home. This session aims to inform and educate practitioners working with children on the possible signs that a child or family may be in crisis, and how to support children and families during this time. The session also educates practitioners on the identification, documentation and reporting procedures surrounding child abuse. Topics covered are:

• Diversity within the family dynamic
• Stresses within the home
• How we can support families in crisis to try to avoid escalation of volatility within the home
• Indicators of possible abuse
• Mandatory reporting vs duty of care
• Documentation of suspected abuse or harm
• Reporting process…to whom and how
• Follow up support for staff, families and children
• Supporting one another during the identification, documentation and reporting processes

Course code
On campus
Berwick, Dandenong