Learn the required skills for the service of alcohol

This RSA course provides the skills and knowledge required for service of alcohol under state legislation. You need a high level understanding of English and be aged at least 17 years and 9 months.

A Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate is issued on successful completion of the following nationally accredited unit:

SITHFAB201 - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol

Participants must have a USI on the day of the RSA course to be awarded the qualification. USIs can be obtained by going to https://www.usi.gov.au/.

For dates from July 2018 onwards, please see our course SC557A

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Delivery location
  • What to bring
    Pen and paper. For Dandenong campus classes - please do not wait at stairs outside Birches Restaurant but enter building P via ground floor (across from Cafeteria), walking to room P110 on left.