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Chisholm TAFE welcomed hosting the second annual Welding Triathlon at the Frankston campus this September.

The event was run by the Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) for members and non-members of the WTIA in Victoria.

Competitors varied from welding apprentices (Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade) to welders and welding instructors.

Participants demonstrated exceptional welding skills across three timed events. They displayed extensive knowledge of three different welding processes, materials, and positions and were judged on speed, accuracy, skill and adherence to the welding procedures.

The three welds were a horizontal fillet using the gas tungsten arc process on aluminium, a single “V” vertical butt weld 10mm plate using flux core arc welding and a pipe inclined on a 45 degree angle with a GTAW root weld caped by hydrogen controlled arc electrodes.

The winners Jesse Smolenaars (first prize), Cameron Runacres (second prize), Ben Hoareau (third prize) and Jake Adie (fourth prize) were awarded for top welds. First place was awarded a special prize from Kemppi Australia with the overall winner crowned “Best Welder in Victoria for 2017”.

Prizes were generously donated by event sponsors BOC, CIG weld, Bombardier and Kemmpi for all twelve competitors after visual and ultra-sonic testing of the candidates welding coupons.

Participants utilised a range of Chisholm’s industry standard equipment including state of the art Kemppi welding machines for both MIG and TIG/ARC and modern Lincoln welding machines. Visitors had a play with virtual reality welding machines.

Event organiser and Chisholm teacher Rodney Bentvelzen says “The event promotes welding as an attractive career choice, allowing participants to network with inspectors, fellow welders, and industry leaders and for the general public to check out our training facility here at Chisholm”.

The annual WTIA Welding Triathlon exists to encourage young people to become involved in the welding and fabrication industry (manufacturing).

“Welding and manufacturing in Australia demands high quality tradespeople to stay competitive and has traditionally been very manual. As welding machine technologies adapt via programming and inverter power sources welding has become a highly technical skill”.

Chisholm Frankston campus is currently undergoing a multimillion dollar redevelopment that will see modern purpose built facilities to deliver training across the higher education, health, advanced manufacturing, IT and trades vocations.

It is still business as usual at the Frankston campus. Rodney, a welding teacher says the Certificate II in Engineering, Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade and the popular Certificate IV in Engineering are still running during the day and at night. Chisholm is also one of only two registered training organisations in Australia authorised to deliver welding specialist and inspector courses.

The WTIA Welding Triathlon will return bigger and better in 2018.

Interested contestants can contact Robert Vernon on 0487 400 002 or Rodney Bentvelzen at Chisholm TAFE on 9238 8233 to complete an expression of interest for 2018.