September 2014

As a proud public provider Chisholm is thrilled to have been named the Large Training Provider of the Year at the 60th annual Victorian Training Awards at a gala ceremony at Crown Palladium on Friday 26 September.

“I’m delighted to accept this award on behalf of all the staff, students and Board at Chisholm,” said Maria Peters, CEO at Chisholm.  “Chisholm is a proud public TAFE provider and this award recognises the quality of our training, our clear strategy, the commitment of our people that lead to strong operational results.

“Chisholm has strong leadership from our staff, our leaders through to the Board. 2013 was the best year in our history. Our students succeeded, our partnerships grew locally to internationally, our relationships with industry strengthened and we remained embedded and committed to our region.”

“What sets Chisholm apart is a focus on a student centred approach from the time they inquire to enrol with us to when they graduate. We are proud of their achievements and this award recognises their success.

“An organisation doesn’t build success, it comes from your people; and then they build the organisation. This award reflects the courage, commitment and work of our staff through a period of significant change. They have successfully balanced remaining true to our core values, and delivering quality educational products, with the need to be resilient, adaptive, to embrace commercial imperatives and continue to believe in Chisholm, what it stands for and ensure we exist into the future.

“It is a privilege to be part of Chisholm. Our future certainly looks bright,” continued Peters.Chisholm is the largest vocational training provider in Victoria’s South East and delivers education training solutions from senior secondary school programs through to customised workplace training projects. Offering qualifications from certificates through to higher education degrees, Chisholm is dedicated to providing excellence in education at every level.