Chisholm hosts manufacturing industry leaders for insightful forum

April 2014

On Monday 7 April, 2014, Chisholm’s ‘Centre for Automotive and Supply Chain Management Training’ played host to over 200 industry guests from within the manufacturing sector for a discussion forum on the state of Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Hosted by James Kirby, a highly regarded financial journalist, author and regular commentator on the ABC, the evening featured four influential panellists from diverse manufacturing and policy-making backgrounds which included:

  • The Hon. David Hodgett MP, Minister for Manufacturing
  • Gerry Ryan OAM - Jayco
  • Jim Griffin - Diver Consolidated Industries
  • Adrian Boden - South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA)

Shown top right (from left to right): Jim Griffin (DCI), Gerry Ryan OAM (Jayco), David Hodgett MP (Minister for Manufacturing), Adrian Boden (SEMMA)

Also in attendance at the event was the new Minister for Higher Education and Skills, The Hon. Nick Wakeling MP.

During her welcoming speech, Chisholm’s CEO Maria Peters outlined the Institute’s strong support for the manufacturing sector and its commitment to establishing an ongoing forum for industry members to continue a conversation around the topics most critical to their businesses.

“At Chisholm, we remain committed as ever to serving the broader industry community and this event signifies the first in a series of seminars which have been developed to establish a forum for industry leaders to discuss the topics that are most relevant for today’s industry climate,” said Ms. Peters.

The evening’s panel discussion covered a diverse range of topics which ranged from the impact of free trade on local business; shifting government policy; private investment opportunities; workforce capabilities and diversification, just to name a few.

One key area of focus was the need for greater collaboration within the manufacturing sector, with many attendees indicating a desire to continue the conversation around how Victoria’s industry community can better align in order to develop opportunities for competitive advantage.

Chisholm will shortly be announcing future dates for their series of industry leader forums to be held over the coming 12-month period.

Shown bottom right (left to right): Adrian Boden (SEMMA), Jim Griffin (DCI), Gerry Ryan OAM (Jayco), Maria Peters (Chisholm), David Hodgett MP (Minister for Manufacturing), Nick Wakeling MP (Minister for Higher Education & Skills)