Chisholm and Pivot Point Academy working together in creating leading training opportunities for the hairdressing industry

December 2015

Pivot Point Australia and Chisholm Institute are excited to announce a long term licensing agreement whereby Chisholm Institute will assume operating the Pivot Point Academy in Melbourne’s CBD from January 2016. Under the agreement, Chisholm Institute will take over as the Registered Training Organisation for Pivot Point Academy from Pivot Point Australia (Allied Educational Services Pty Ltd).

Rob Aubin, CEO Pivot Point Australia says “This business arrangement was born through a conversation about how we can strengthen the hairdressing training market today and in to the future. It enables Pivot Point Academy to continue its benchmark training with the significant resources and quality background that Chisholm Institute offers. Pivot Point Australia will work closely with Chisholm to foster innovation in the hairdressing training space.”
“Pivot Point Australia will continue it’s business developing and distributing educational resources for the hair and beauty industry” says Rob Aubin.

“Chisholm is delighted that such an iconic hairdressing education provider has joined its ranks”, says Maria Peters, CEO at Chisholm. “Pivot Point Academy has an excellent reputation in the industry for producing disciplined and talented hairdressers. It will complement Chisholm’s strong standing in the hair and beauty industry.”
“We will invest in Pivot Point Academy’s staff and students, to ensure growth and innovation of the brand, and to continue Pivot Point’s high standard of education. A refurbishment of this facility is scheduled as part of this commitment. We are committed to working closely with industry and salon owners to be the hairdressing educator of choice and to meet industry needs.”

The new arrangement will see Ruth Browne, Manager for Hair, Beauty and Wellness, continue her association with Pivot Point, to lead the Academy as part of her portfolio.

“Salon owners face many hurdles in attaining staff in today’s business climate, with the support of Chisholm’s network we have the opportunity to work closely with salon owners to be the hairdressing educator of choice in the industry and meet their needs ”says Ms Browne.

Chisholm was awarded The Victorian and Australian Large Training Provider of the Year in 2014. Chisholm is a multi-sectoral Institute delivering a broad range of education and training programs and services in higher education, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and school sectors across its campuses, online, in the workplace and overseas with partnering educational and government organisations.

Chisholm have been delivering hairdressing training programs using the Pivot Point method for more than eight years. Many award winning hairdressing students have graduated from Chisholm, with six major awards so far in 2015.

Pivot Point Academy is the most highly regarded hairdressing training organisation in the southern hemisphere. For 25 years Pivot Point has set the benchmark in quality education for hairdressing.

Pivot Point has won hundreds of awards both from the hairdressing industry but also the training industry for its consistent innovation in delivery and quality.