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Chisholm and Hilton Manufacturing have produced their first graduates. Under the Chisholm and Hilton Manufacturing partnership, Chisholm students graduated in September 2016 with a Certificate lll in Engineering Fabrication Trade or a Certificate lV in Engineering that they completed while working at Hilton Manufacturing.

The 18 Hilton employees were awarded their certificates and celebrated with a BBQ lunch. Chisholm workplace trainer Steph Lefel, Shayne van der Heide Workplace Training Coordinator, Engineering and Paul Sadler, Associate Director for Engineering, Electrotechnology & Telecommunications also attended the award event to congratulate the graduates.

The graduates have been undertaking workplace training for around 18 months with a Chisholm trainer delivering face-to-face training at the Hilton Manufacturing facilities 1 to 2.5 days a week. Training was delivered at the onsite weld shop set up to offer custom training and reduce the disruption and down time to employees and the workplace. 

‘There was a sense of confidence among the employees, having accomplished a value adding qualification with Chisholm. There has been an increase in the return input of the staff which relates back to the content they have learnt. I am confident that we will see this continue to grow,’ said Anthony Di Batista, Human Resource Manager at Hilton Manufacturing.

Delivery took place through a range of practical, theoretical and project based work and has allowed the Hilton employees to gain foundation skills and a better idea of procedure, process.

Anthony says ‘The training has been delivered with flexibility to ensure there is minimal disruption. The ability for assessments to be part of standard work has only made this easier. Moving forward we will be looking at how we can grow these types of programs in the business. The focus has been on production roles to date, in future we can look to incorporate this set-up into other departments’.

Hilton covered the cost of training for employees wanting to participate in the program.

The benefit of training in the workplace is that practical and theoretical aspects of the training are immediately reinforced and put into action.
Hilton Manufacturing was committed to the workplace training and supported its employees for the duration of the training. 

‘Some of the participants were reluctant towards the training at first, afraid it may adversely affect their workload. Some had not attempted formal training or had negative experiences with schooling in the past. But employees involved saw the benefits of training as an opportunity to expand their skills and qualifications and for future success and advancement in their careers.’ said Chisholm Workplace Training Coordinator, Shayne van der Heide.