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Returning to campus

Since 9 June, we have been able to bring a large number of VCE, VCAL and VETDSS courses back onto Chisholm campuses to resume important components of practical, applied learning and assessment. This is helping to support many of our students to achieve their qualifications within the anticipated timeframes.

In Term 3, Chisholm will continue to prioritise on-campus, practical learning for courses requiring the explicit use of specialised facilities and equipment, or time-critical assessment. Based on advice from the Department of Education and Training, course learning tasks that can be delivered remotely will continue to be, until further notice.

In coming days (early July and during term break), Chisholm VCE, VCAL and VETDSS students will be provided with updated information about the priority components of their course that will require a return to campus, including learning schedules and safety practices.