Chisholm Online spoke to three recent graduates about how their lives have changed since studying online. Shireen Shaik studied the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Kylie Odgers studied the Diploma of Business and Joshua Clarke studied the Graduate Certificate of Management.


Have you received a promotion or a new job since completing your course?

Shireen: “Yes, I’m now working full time in a family day care coordination unit. With the knowledge I have from studying with Chisholm Online, I was given a promotion – an offer of educational leader!”

Kylie: “With the skills and confidence I gained through the Diploma of Business with Chisholm Online, I was offered a role as assistant manager at a holiday park, which I am loving. I’m currently organising brochures to be sent out to promote the park. I learnt the skills to do this through Chisholm Online – I’m really enjoying the freedom to use my talents to help the business grow.”

Joshua: “This course has benefited me in many aspects. As a result, I achieved the highest banding in my recent performance appraisal and I have being identified for promotion as a senior officer in the Navy. This promotion with my newly gained skills, will see me managing multiple teams in a maritime environment.”

How do you think Chisholm Online helped you achieve this career progression?

Shireen: “The materials were very relevant to the workplace. There were a few articles in particular that the director asked me for a copy. At those times, I felt quite advanced and helpful –I was a student giving them something back to use. I know Chisholm Online and the course materials I had helped me to get my job.

“The minute I told them [my prospective employers] I was with Chisholm, I was offered work placement.”

Kylie: “The course has taught me how to think creatively and how to implement change, which was different for me having worked at a bank where there were many policies and little room for change.”

Joshua: “Chisholm Online learning is the perfect course for those managing full time work and yet still looking to undertake further education. The systems, lecturer and student engagement are world class and you are supported at all times throughout your educational undertakings.”

Would you recommend studying with Chisholm Online to a friend?

Kylie: “Chisholm Online was great and I would absolutely recommend it to others. It’s really accessible outside of work, the help desk were always available and the teachers were great in regards to feedback and giving us information.”

Shireen: “I want people to know how great my experience has been. I didn’t have to look back, there was never a time that I regretted online study. It was very comfortable for me to do it and I know that it helped me to get my job and the promotion too.”

Joshua: “I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course and would highly recommend it to anybody that wants to get ahead as a leader within an organisation.”