Software developer - Sam Moriarty

Builder-turned-software developer, Sam finds his new career to be far more intellectually stimulating and satisfying

Working in the building industry straight out of school, Sam Moriarty always thought he would be better at a job that required brain power. Computers had always held a special appeal although he had not quite followed that path.

"I wanted to be able to think and not just do. So I searched online specifically for computer and software-related courses and found one at Chisholm that suited my requirements. When I started my Diploma of Software Development, I found the teachers to be my greatest source of inspiration and encouragement I also made great friends who I keep in touch with constantly out of Chisholm too.

"It was challenging for me because my background was in building and construction, and I didn’t know anything about software. But the teachers at Chisholm made me feel welcome and they went above and beyond their scope to provide guidance and study materials. Some teachers were even able to draw analogies from the building industry to explain things to me."

Having secured a job in software development recently, Sam is confident the skills he learned at Chisholm will enable him to succeed in his new career. He has also enrolled in the Bachelor of Information Technology, a La Trobe University degree he can study at Chisholm, having had his pathway fast-tracked by transferring credits from the Chisholm diploma course.

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