Library information and Cultural Services - Jill Genoe

Volunteering at a school library, Jill was inspired to discover a whole new career

Having left a demanding career in publishing, Jill Genoe dedicated herself to her three children for more than a decade. After volunteering at the school library, she realised she had a knack for it, as it also appealed to her desire to help people.

"I thought I could actually get paid to do something I love and started exploring the option of studying Library Information Services. I found the ideal course at Chisholm and although it was challenging taking care of my three sons while also managing class hours, I was determined to finish my course and get qualified. I was especially diligent about learning the latest technology related to Library Services because I knew this was the future."

"I found employment right away but soon moved to a job in the Chisholm library where I was given the opportunity to apply my new skills in using technology to help students navigate databases and find information. A proud moment came when I was recently invited to teach for the Library Information Services course and I felt that it was a high compliment to my achievements."

Having completed her Certificate IV in Library Information & Cultural Services as well her Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Jill continues to work at Chisholm in an administrative role and plans to study further in the Training & Assessment field.

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