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Dreams break through a mountain of dirty dishes

Dylan’s describes his humble beginnings, as a dish washer, as the least glamorous job in the kitchen. However, it's a valuable job to keep everything moving, and without which, kitchen operations grind to a screeching halt.

‘If you can push through and show an interest in the kitchen and cooking, chefs will give you more responsibility and start to teach you things. I did just that, and was given better jobs and have moved into an apprenticeship program, having just completed my first year.’

The social aspect of food is hugely important to Dylan and a major driver, as well as the flexibility, sustainability and opportunity it promises.

‘It doesn’t matter who you are, food will always bring people together. It doesn’t matter what day I’ve had, I love to sit down with friends, eat, maybe have a beer and chat about what’s been happening. At Chisholm, we are friends for life, and we’re like a big family really.’

Dylan’s passion for people mixing through food is set to continue on completion of his course where he hopes to continue his learning overseas, preferably in Europe, so he gets to experience the cooking culture, and an abundance of dishes and techniques.

Loving the freedom that cookery offers, and equipped with all his senses, it sounds like an adventure in the making.

 ‘I want to go overseas, not have a plan necessarily, but just see where the wind takes me, and  work, just me with my set of knives.’