The learning and development coordinator at Melbourne motor dealership NGP, Chris Hecker hires most of his apprentices from Chisholm

Chris is a diehard believer in Chisholm TAFE and the skill level that is guaranteed by our Automotive Department.

"I hire at least six out of eight apprentices from Chisholm, and I send most of them back to Chisholm for further studies,' says Chris.

"I need my apprentices to be of a high standard and in return, I offer them the opportunity to work on high profile automotive brands such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Holden.

"From the start, our apprentices are given actual technical or mechanical work as opposed to menial tasks and we treat them with due respect.

We also have a mentoring system in place where the senior apprentices guide the juniors which is a mutually beneficial exercise regardless of seniority level."

Chris recently recruited Chisholm student Emma Harwood, and he liaises directly with the Automotive Department at Chisholm and also the staff at Chisholm's job vacancy website to hire apprentices and undertake further training for his employees.

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