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Here at Chisholm we want to make you feel welcome and at ease, as starting something new can be a little overwhelming. Read through our guide to getting started for all the tips and info you need to hit the ground running. And remember if you need anything at all our Student Services are here to help.

Before you start


Enrolment is the first step in your time at Chisholm. It is when you will confirm your place within your course, pay your fees and gain access to other important information. Your teaching area will provide you with advice on when and how to enrol.

At enrolment you will receive a welcome pack which includes:

  • Student Guide, which features most of the information available on this section of the website
  • Your parking permit, which is required when parking on campus
  • Your student ID card which you will need for general identification purposes as well as accessing library facilities or printing and photocopying on campus.
  • Login credentials and details on accessing the Chisholm computer network and your Chisholm student email.
  • Your training plan

Preparing for your studies

It’s important to take some time to prepare for your studies as it takes the stress out of your first few weeks. It will also help you to be organised before assessment due dates.  Think through the following points, and if you need some help get in touch with our support services.

Things to consider

  • How will you travel to your campus?
  • Is it likely that you need to find new accommodation closer to campus?
  • Will you need to purchase books or equipment?
  • Do you have a space where you can study at home or will you study in the Library?
  • Will you need to find new employment to fit in with your studies?
  • Disability/accessibility
  • Would creating a study plan help you?

It’s important to make your studies a priority but you also need to balance it with other parts of your life. Think about other activities you enjoy and make time to take part in them. Not only will you feel better, your studies may also benefit.

Attending your course induction

Believe it or not many students miss their course induction! This is one of the most important steps in getting started at Chisholm as it will help you prepare for study. Your course induction may be held during your first scheduled class or as a separate session prior to your course commencing.

At your course induction you will:

  • Meet your Senior Educator and some or all of your teachers
  • Hear more about your course, including how it is structured and the types of assessments you will complete as well as your course census date
  • Find out more about Recognition of Prior Learning and how you may receive credits for previous study or work experience
  • We will also provide you with a book and equipment list as well as your timetable, if this has not already been supplied at enrolment.

You will also hear about the many other aspects of your student experience at Chisholm like the free support services available, our policies and procedures and more about your campus - like where to park and eat. We will even take you on a brief campus tour so you can see where the student centre, library and other student spaces are located.

Tips for your first day

Here are our top tips for making the most of your first day:

Get enough sleep the night before - this may sound simple, but if it has been a while since you have been in a classroom, and a good night’s sleep can really help. You will feel more refreshed and be able to take in more information.

  • Allow some extra time – Traffic, parking and finding your classroom - it can all add to the stress of your first day especially if you take a wrong turn. Give yourself a little extra time by arriving early.
  • Be prepared – Re-read the information provided by your teaching area at enrolment or your induction. It should tell you what to expect on your first day and the type of equipment, books or even uniform you will need to bring.
  • Keep smiling - Yes your first day will be information overload, but try to keep it all in perspective. It might seem like another language now, but in a few weeks it will feel less foreign. Smile and enjoy getting to know the classmates and teachers you will be working with over the next few months or years to achieve your goal. One of the best aspects of your Chisholm experience is the people who support you on your journey.