Training for growth or maintaining the status quo?

Chisholm Industry Engagement weighs up the benefits of "Just In Time" training for manufacturing businesses.

Cookie cutter training programs are delivering low skill transfers. The workforce is simply not becoming more competent using generic training.

On the other hand, ‘Just In Time’ training is revolutionising the workplace. It’s going beyond basic training and taking employees to the next level in meeting growth demands.

Just In Time Training or JITT is based on the belief that learners benefit most when training is received at the time when particular skills are required. It provides customised solutions.

Toyota for example, implemented JITT due to an assembly line failure. By learning how to identify the cause of failure followed by how to effectively fix the problem, the workforce was now skilled to meet similar challenges.
As Paul Sadler, Associate Director of Chisholm Institute’s Engineering, Electrical and Telecommunication Department explains, JITT is about getting your workforce ready for the next stage of business growth so you’re not just maintaining the status quo at the most basic level.

Chisholm recently engaged with Australian Botanical Products, manufacturer of bottled essential oils and fragrances for local and international customers. Our students were given the task of reviewing and making state-of the-art improvements to the existing bottling production line, resulting in a number of projects. These included automatic robotic packaging, vision system integration to improve quality control, plant layout and installing automatic tamper proof of sealants on the bottles.

JITT is ideal for industries with technical and complex disciplines such as in manufacturing and engineering, where it’s not practical for employees to be knowledgeable about all details at all times.

Acquired skills can be put to use right away so protocols and procedures can be implemented immediately. People learn fast when they need to learn. The employer also saves time and money otherwise wasted on conducting refresher courses if the skills were taught some time ago.

In addition,  JITT cultivates deep learning through the diversity of exposure to multiple disciplines and skill sets. At Hilton Manufacturing, 34 apprentices have been undertaking a customised course based on their experience in welding and fabrication, while cross-fitting them with new skills in mechatronics and robotics.

Besides providing workforce solutions on demand, JITT offers organisations continuous improvement strategies that are vital for business success.

Customised training increases the skills and capabilities of all employees enabling the whole workforce to effectively engage in problem solving. It uses a systematic approach to examining, discovering and eliminating root causes that will improve work flow. It is central to identifying your pool of new leaders that strive for excellence.

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